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Who we are

A team that loves to create

As the name suggests Dreamboat is about living your dreams by setting the sails of success in your journey of life. We believe that dreams have the power to push your whole world forward, therefore Dare to Dream... Dreams are those visuals of our future life that excite us, ignite a positive energy in us and make it impossible for us to sit still. There has to be some goal, some dream, some intrinsic purpose in our life that puts us in a state of irrepressible enthusiasm. The only limitation on life’s richness is what we choose to imagine. So let us imagine a life that is filled with meaning in every moment and allow ourselves to experience it in its completeness.


Founder Consultant
Aarti Upadhyay, is a certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, accredited by the Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. She comes with the rich background of working in the domains of Education, Media, Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations for more than twenty years. Having moved out of her previous role as Director of a leading Media Institute in Delhi and an English News Reader at All India Radio she is now the Founder Consultant at Dreamboat Consultants. Aarti is a NABET and SQA certified soft skills trainer. She is a communication and grooming expert who conducts trainings through workshops and individual coaching. As a human resources executive, a public relation expert, a travel writer, teacher, trainer and now a consultant her career has always been focussed on life and people. Her passion and purpose involves enlightening and inspiring and therefore the role of an educator is closest to her heart. Her penchant for appropriate attiring paired with flawless communication and immaculate etiquette led her to take up Image Consultancy as part of her current profile. She is now into training corporate professionals and individual clients, beneficiaries of NGOs and staff of retail brands. On the other side of her personality she is an extremely creative person who loves all that is beautiful in life and has never settled for anything less than perfect. Associating with artists and art galleries, writers and literary societies comes very naturally to her. Her restless energy and passion for designing is evident from her working environment. Though she never took a formal training for Interior designing but her impeccable sense of colour and design has helped many a friends and associates create beautiful spaces at work and home.  Being an avid traveler she has also been writing for various travel magazines in the past. In her endeavor to empower girls and women in the society she also trains beneficiaries of some NGOs to help them become self-sufficient and economically independent.
  • She is a Professional member of Image Management Professionals Association.
  • She is a founder member of Delhi International Film Festival Society.
  • She is an Executive Council Member of Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund.
  • She is a member and convener of children’s forum at SPPACE, a movement for excellence.
  • She has been the President of Dr. Sadhna International Women Rights Protection Trust.
What we do
Dreamboat Consultants is an Image Management and Business Development Consultancy that caters to a variety of clients for their varied needs. We help our clients enhance their brand value by improving their current profile in  number of ways. Our client range consists of Individuals, Retail Brands, Corporates organizations, Educational Institutions and NGOs. The world has drifted into an environment where perfectionism is no longer considered a positive attribute of one’s personality and yet we all wish to see a perfect picture everywhere around us. Driven by our desire to help people create their perfect pictures. We at Dreamboat, Design, Develop and Deliver tailor made programmes for each of our clients. For Retail Brands we provide complete solution for their business development and brand building through effective social media, digital facelift, interior solutions and training to their employees for better team management and improved customer satisfaction to upscale the sales. Training is the core component of our services. We are committed to bring in a positive change in the society by helping people acquire the skills that they need to realise their dreams. Our trainings include
  • Image Management through business and social etiquette.
  • communication skills including verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • interpersonal behaviour skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Goal setting and time management.
We organise Workshops in collaboration with schools to help their students develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses. We strongly believe that students should go to school not only to learn but also to develop as good human beings and successful professionals therefore we also try to equip them with team building, behavioural and conflict management skills. We prepare college students with not only proper grooming and etiquette but also with interview and presentation skills. As part of our CSR activity we alsoprovide training to NGO beneficiaries. Dreamboat works closely with certain NGOs where we train beneficiaries, mostly girls, from underprivileged background. We work upon their confidence building by imparting them effective communication and interpersonal skills emphasising majorly on their grooming and general etiquette. Our efforts help the beneficiaries to join the mainstream of the society in an organic manner.